Andrew Haddad

Andrew Haddad

Energy/Environmental Policy Research Scientist/Engineer
(502) 370-8358


Andrew is a Research Scientist in the Energy Storage and Distributed Resources Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). His research interests include the water-energy nexus, desalination, and electrochemical methods for selective ion sequestration and conversion.  Andrew is a member of the National Alliance for Water Innovation (NAWI) desalination hub centered at LBNL, and a member of the Lithium Resource Research and Innovation Center (LiRRIC), an interdisciplinary research hub at LBNL focused on addressing lithium related research. Previously, Andrew was an ITRI Rosenfeld Postdoctoral Fellow at LBNL/UC Berkeley in the group of Ashok Gadgil, where he synthesized high porosity materials from natural products for low cost and highly effective fluoride removal from water. Andrew received his PhD in inorganic chemistry from the University of Louisville under the advisement of Craig Grapperhaus in 2017 where he synthesized and studied new catalysts for electrochemical hydrogen oxidation/production, in addition to evaluating their reaction mechanisms using computational, electrochemical, and spectroscopic techniques. Aside from research, Andrew enjoys gardening, tennis, geopolitics, reading and is passionate about solving global issues related to equitable energy and environmental sustainability .

Journal and Editorial Board Memberships

Water & Energy Nexus, Guest Editor