• Since 2015, our Cyclotron Road program has awarded more than $15 million to entrepreneurial fellows who are advancing technology projects with the potential for global impact.

  • Our pioneering indoor air quality and smart ventilation research identified thirdhand smoke as a health hazard and is making indoor spaces safer and more healthy for building occupants.

  • Working closely with other National Labs, the government and industry, our cutting edge battery and energy storage research helps to build better, more energy-efficient batteries.

  • Our scientists are developing methods of applying fault detection and diagnostics to buildings to rapidly diagnose problems that need to be fixed, improving energy efficiency and comfort for occupants.

  • We research how buildings use energy, their energy consumption patterns, energy efficiency standards and indoor air quality in our Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division. 

  • We're improving grid storage capability for energy from renewable sources, researching smart-grid real-time monitoring and response and improving electricity distribution reliability in our Energy Storage and Distributed Resources Division. 

  • The Facility for Low Energy eXperiments allows users to develop and test energy-efficient building and grid technologies


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Seminars & Events

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