Tianzhen Hong

Computational Senior Scientist/Engineer

Deputy, Building Technology Department

Building Technology & Urban Systems Division

Simulation Research Group

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94720 USA
Office Location: 090-3148C
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Tianzhen Hong


October 2019

Tianzhen Hong, Sang Hoon Lee, Xuan Luo, Kaiyu Sun, Cindy Regnier, Mary Ann Piette, Yixing Chen, Rongpeng Chen, Sarah Taylor-Lange, Phillip Price

Professional Associations

ASHRAE MTG.OBB, Chair , Occupant behavior in buildings
IBPSA, Fellow , Building performance simulation
ASHRAE SPC 205, Voting Member , Standard Representation of Performance Simulation Data for HVAC&R and Other Facility Equipment

Journal and Editorial Board Memberships

Energy and Buildings (2016 to present), Editor
Building and Environment (2014-2019); Building Simulation (2013 to present); Applied Energy (2017 to present), Editorial Board



Luo, Na, Marco Pritoni, and Tianzhen Hong. "An overview of data tools for representing and managing building information and performance data." Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 147 (2021) 111224.
Putra, Handi Chandra, and Tianzhen Hong. "Application of the DNAS framework expansion to occupant population synthesis." IBPSA Building Simulation Conference 2021. Bruges, Belgium, 2021.
Wang, Zhe, Tianzhen Hong, Han Li, and Mary Ann Piette. "Predicting city-scale daily electricity consumption using data-driven models." Advances in Applied Energy 2 (2021) 100025.
Li, Han, Zhe Wang, and Tianzhen Hong. "Occupant-Centric key performance indicators to inform building design and operations." Journal of Building Performance Simulation (2021) 1 - 29.
Qian, Mingyang, Da Yan, Tianzhen Hong, and Hua Liu. "Operation and performance of VRF systems: Mining a large-scale dataset." Energy and Buildings 230 (2021) 110519.
Sun, Kaiyu, Na Luo, Xuan Luo, and Tianzhen Hong. "Prototype energy models for data centers." Energy and Buildings 231 (2021) 110603.


Hong, Tianzhen, Yixing Chen, Xuan Luo, Na Luo, and Sang Hoon Lee. "Ten questions on urban building energy modeling." Building and Environment 168 (2020) 106508.
Hong, Tianzhen, Daniel Macumber, Han Li, Katherine Fleming, and Zhe Wang. "Generation and representation of synthetic smart meter data." Building Simulation 13.6 (2020) 1205 - 1220.