Purabi Thakre

Purabi Thakre

Business Development Specialist 5




Spot: Purabi Thakre -  February 23rd 2023

For the rapid turnaround and insightful suggestions that greatly improved a strategic proposal.

Spot: Purabi Thakre -  February 21st 2023

Reviewed and scored a significant number of Energy Earth Shot Research Center concept papers on short timeline. Outcomes informed Berkeley Lab leadership's deliberations on concepts that moved to full proposals.

Spot: Strategic Plan Refresh Team -  May 3rd 2021

For exceptional service and professionalism in the design, development and production of ETA's 2021 Strategic Plan Refresh.

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2020 Scientific Award: NAWI Team -  September 29th 2020

2020 Director's Awards for Exceptional Achievement: Scientific

NAWI Team – Peter Fiske, Jim Hawley, Purabi Thakre, Carol Valladao, Michelle Chew Wong

For the extraordinary Operations-Development-Scientific teamwork of Peter Fiske, Carol Valladao, Michelle Wong, Jim Hawley and Purabi Thakre that played an essential role in Berkeley Lab's award of the $100M DOE Water-Energy Hub, NAWI. This team of legal, CA government affairs, financial, and science experts demonstrated deep dedication to working assiduously and creatively to advance clever constructs and to overcome significant bottlenecks associated with developing the proposal and getting the award under contract.