Systems Packages for Washington State Building Performance Standard Incentive Program: Phase 1 Analysis

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Starting in 2026 Washington State building performance standards will come into effect that require commercial buildings larger than 50,000 sf to meet site energy use intensity targets. To support a state incentive program designed to encourage building owners to start complying early, we characterized the building stock energy use of 11 building types, analyzed 43 energy upgrade measures, and developed seven packages of energy upgrade measures using the ComStock energy analysis tool. Each energy upgrade package included from 4 to 17 energy measures consisting of lighting, HVAC, and envelope upgrades. Package savings were calculated for four priority building types using a sample of 35,000 buildings characterized by four building area bins, three climate zones, and two county types (urban and rural). Of the 28 package and building type combinations analyzed, 17 (61%) met or exceeded program energy savings targets and two packages met targets for all four building types.

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