Bonnie Cobiseno

Bonnie Cobiseno

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Spot: Bonnie Cobiseno -  March 09th 2023

Exceptional effort outside of regular business hours to help organize the Net Zero World Initiative's U.S.-Indonesia Joint Workshop on Decarbonizing the Building Sector in Indonesia and make it a great success.

Spot: Bonnie Cobiseno, Mary Weigel -  February 06th 2023

Exceptional outreach and implementation for successful IMPEL and Cradle to Commerce events attended by investor, government, non profit, and industry leaders.

Spot: Bonnie Cobiseno -  May 06th 2020

Bonnie did a great job in supporting CERC in 2019 by helping in event coordination, assistance in compiling the quarterly reports and providing administrative support for all the CERC-related meetings.

Spot: Bonnie Cobiseno -  July 24th 2019

Extraordinary efforts to bring about the successful organization and implementation of the IEAD retreat.