Simulating the Visual Performance of Electrochromic Glazing for Solar Control

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A new technology called electrochromic glazing promises to provide the building industry with a means to dynamically control the visual appearance and solar gain of windows. Electrochromic glazing is a technology which allows an otherwise ordinary looking piece of laminated glass to change tint with the application of a small electrical charge. Prototype electrochromic devices have been produced in sizes up to one square foot, however, manufacturers are several years away from producing glazing samples large enough to fill the aperture of a typical perimeter office. Tooling up for the production of large samples is prohibitively expensive unless some assurance of the marketability of these new electrochromic products can be demonstrated.

Electrochromic glazings defy traditional performance rating mechanisms because of the temporal dimension of their thermal and visual characteristics. Every electrochromic glazing assembly has an infinite number of states at which the thermal and visual appearance could be characterized. Furthermore, the rate at which the assembly changes between states is vital for a complete understanding.


Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society



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