Renewable Energy Options for Large Utility Customers

Renewable Energy Options for Large Utility Customers

TitleRenewable Energy Options for Large Utility Customers
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsXcel Energy, Steve Chriss, Lori Bird, Priya Barua, Heidi Bishop, Celina Bonugli
Series EditorLisa C Schwartz
Series TitleFuture Electric Utility Regulation Report Series
Date Published01/2021

NARUC Center for Partnership and Innovation hosted a webinar on January 16, 2020, titled "Renewable Energy Options for Large Utility Customers". To view a video of the recording click here

A growing number of corporations and cities have adopted a goal to meet all of their annual electricity needs with renewable energy sources. Some have already achieved that goal and are exploring new ways to match their consumption more closely with real-time electricity production from these sources.

Utilities are taking innovative approaches to serve these customer interests while protecting nonparticipants.

Renewable Energy Options for Large Utility Customers presents perspectives from a utility, a large corporate customer, and cities that buy renewable energy. The report explores ways utilities can help large customers achieve their own renewable energy goals, implications of various utility program options, and ways to mitigate any negative impacts or risks.


The report was funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity — Electricity Policy Technical Assistance Program and the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy — Solar Energy Technologies Office as part of DOE’s Grid Modernization Initiative. Lisa Schwartz of Berkeley Lab’s Electricity Markets and Policy Group is the project manager and technical editor. To see more information on this report series, click here.