New Energy Efficient Torchieres Ready for Hot Torchiere Market

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The extraordinary market growth of the high power halogen torchiere (halogen uplighter) presents significant global energy savings opportunities for energy efficient alternatives. Extensive development of prototype designs of energy efficient torchiere systems using compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) has lead directly to the production and commercialization of CFL torchieres. This paper analyzes the current global market for torchieres and compares the electrical and photometric characteristics of one of the new CFL torchieres to standard tungsten halogen torchieres. Power assessments and photometric data indicate that the new CFL torchiere provides significant energy savings over the standard tungsten halogen torchiere while producing more luminous flux. The energy savings is jointly due to the high source efficacy of the CFLs and the poor performance of many cheaply made halogen lamps. Laboratory and in-situ experiments indicate that the CFL torchieres use 65 Watts to produce 25 percent more light than the 300 W tungsten halogen torchieres they are designed to replace. Additionally, the CFL torchieres have the benefit of a cooler lamp operating temperature, making them safer luminaires (Brooks, 1997; New York Times, 1997). This safety benefit, coupled with the potential for significant reductions in global greenhouse gas emissions, has prompted the insurance industry to form a unique alliance with energy conservation groups to promote energy efficient torchieres.


Energy Efficiency in Household Appliances

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