Miscellaneous electric loads: Characterization and energy savings potential

TitleMiscellaneous electric loads: Characterization and energy savings potential
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsJoshua Butzbaugh, Robert Hosbach, Alan K Meier
JournalEnergy and Buildings
Date Published06/2021
Keywordsbuildings, end uses, energy savings potential, forecast, Miscellaneous electric loads, U.S. national energy consumption

Over time, miscellaneous electric loads (MELs) are expected to increase both in magnitude and share of residential and commercial building energy consumption. This trend is most apparent in North America, but it is also occurring in Japan and Europe. However, the contribution of MELs to building energy use is not currently well understood, both because the products in this category are transforming rapidly and the definition and classification of MELs is ambiguous. This study estimated the national energy consumption of 36 MELs using best-available data and found them to comprise 12% of delivered electricity to the U.S. residential and commercial building sectors. If 26 of these MELs were replaced with the most energy-efficient product models available on the market, their energy consumption could be halved to 6% of delivered electricity. National energy models will better account for building energy consumption by incorporating the MELs data collected and analyzed for this study, leading to improved policy decisions.

Short TitleEnergy and Buildings