Improving fuel efficiency for heavy-duty vehicles of 3.5–12 tonnes in India: Benefits, costs, and environmental impacts

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This report examines how deploying fuel-saving technologies for new heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) with gross vehicle weights (GVWs) of 3.5 to 12 tonnes in India could reduce petroleum consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Such HDVs play a vital role in India’s economic growth, but they also consume substantial fuel and produce major environmental impacts. Analyzing the efficiency improvement potential for this category of vehicles helps clarify the potential impacts of fuel efficiency and emission standards for all HDVs in India, the home of 18 of the world’s 100 worst pollution-affected cities (WHO, 2018). This report builds on a previous analysis of Indian heavy-duty vehicles over 12 tonnes. Additional Information: Heavy-Duty Vehicles webinar, April 4, 2019

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