Evaluation of Residential Behavior-Based Programs

Evaluation of Residential Behavior-Based Programs

TitleEvaluation of Residential Behavior-Based Programs
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSteven R Schiller, C. Anna Spurlock, Annika Todd, Bill Saxonis

Residential behavior-based (BB) programs use strategies grounded in the behavioral and social sciences to influence household energy use. These programs have unique evaluation challenges and usually require different evaluation methods than those currently employed for most other types of efficiency programs. This webinar is currently planned to provide an introduction to documenting the energy savings associated with BB programs and examples of how different jurisdictions are addressing BB program evaluation.


Topics Included in this webinar, presented on September 21, 2016:

The Basics
C. Anna Spurlock, Senior Scientific Engineering Associate, Berkeley Lab, and Annika Todd, Principal Scientific Engineering Associate, Berkeley Lab

  • Description of BB programs
  • Basics and options for evaluating BB programs
  • BB program resources
  • Example processes and results from BB program evaluations

Lessons learned from a regulators point of view when evaluating BB programs
Bill Saxonis, Utility Supervisor/Evaluation, New York Department of Public Service