Draft Photosensor Characterization Report

Draft Photosensor Characterization Report

TitleDraft Photosensor Characterization Report
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsFrancis M Rubinstein, Mehry Yazdanian, Jim Galvin
Call NumberLBNL-56152

This report presents the results of laboratory measurements performed on The Watt Stopper's LS-201 photosensor at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in January, 2003. The purpose of these measurements was to characterize the spatial and spectral response function of the LS-201 photosensor. This work was performed in fulfillment of a Project 3.3 Deliverable for the California Energy Commission's Lighting Research Program.

The report has three sections. The first section describes the measurements performed to determine the spectral response function (sensitivity to light of different wavelengths) of the photosensor. The second section presents the results of our measurements of the sensitivity of the photosensor to light from different directions — the spatial response function. The third section presents our conclusions and preliminary suggestions for product improvement consistent with project goals and objectives.

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