Curation of Ground-Truth Validated Benchmarking Datasets for Fault Detection & Diagnostics Tools

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Fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) analytical tools for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems represent one of the most active areas of smart building technology development. A diversity of techniques is used for FDD analytics, spanning physical models, black box, and rule-based approaches, and researchers continuously strive to develop improved algorithms. With FDD algorithm numbers now in the hundreds, there is a need for performance evaluation of these algorithms in order to assess improvements, improve cost-effectiveness, and to prioritize investment in the further development of these technologies. A persistent challenge of FDD advance has been the lack of common datasets to benchmark the performance accuracy of FDD algorithms. This paper summarizes the successful curation of HVAC operational data, paired with validated ground-truth information regarding the presence and absence of faults. The current dataset, consisting of both simulation and experimental data, will evolve to include a larger set of HVAC systems with the objective of creating the largest publicly available dataset to be used by FDD developers, users, and researchers to compare and contrast performance accuracy across FDD algorithms, helping to drive improvements that will spur greater market adoption of FDD tools. Furthermore, in order to avoid previously observed issues with contributed datasets and ensure high quality and consistency of future submissions, the development of data validation and ground-truth assessment protocol is detailed in this study.


2020 ACEEE Summer Study

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