Correlation for Convective Heat Transfer from Room Surfaces

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Conference Paper



Correlations of the rate of heat transfer from room surfaces to the enclosed air, based on empirical and analytic examinations of convection in two-dimensional enclosures, have been developed. The heat-transfer data base from which the correlations were derived was generated by a validated numerical-analysis computer program. Simulations were performed for a variety of temperature and geometry boundary conditions. The correlations extracted from this data base express the heat-transfer rate in terms of boundary conditions relating to room geometry and surface temperatures. The correlations are applicable to a class of room configurations with cold and warm surfaces on opposite vertical walls.

In this paper, the numerical-analysis technique is presented, the generalized methodology for developing simplified correlations is described, and correlation results are presented and compared to results using standard ASHRAE techniques. It is shown that the correlation signi­ficantly improves the accuracy of heat-transfer rate calculations in buildings.


ASHRAE 1983 Annual Conference



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Citation: ASHRAE Transactions, 1983, vol. 89, pt. 2A, Washington, D.C.