Rachel Foushee

Rachel Foushee

Sr Administrator


Spot: Rachel Foushee, Erin Harbin, Katie Kirbus -  October 19th 2022

For successfully coordinating funding, logistics and administrative procedures to allow tens of people to attend ACEEE summer study 2022.

Spot: Marie Butson, Rachel Foushee, Angela Green, Ellen Thomas -  May 27th 2022

Providing superb logistical support key to the success of the LBNL Resilient Cooling Workshop 2022.

Spot: Rachel Foushee -  May 10th 2022

For exemplary work preparing final reports on Circadian Lighting and Pricing for EPRI and SCE.

Spot: Angela Green, Rachel Foushee, Ellen Thomas -  November 26th 2019

Tremendous planning, organizing and execution efforts demonstrated as BTUS underwent a major renovation project.