Grace Lau

Grace Lau

Principal Research Associate: Energy Conversion Group
Principal Research Associate


Spot: Grace Lau -  September 29th 2023

For extraordinary dedication to Team Science in coordinating a long-overdue laboratory and office clean up in B30 Chu Hall

Spot: Grace Lau -  January 27th 2022

For work above and beyond the call of duty by overseeing the move of the Philips diffractometer in Building 62.

Spot: Xiong Peng, Grace Lau -  December 18th 2019

For the effort in the October PSPS event related to the Energy Conversion Group Labs.

Top Article of the Year in "Energy Technology" -  March 15th 2019

"Metal‐Supported Solid Oxide Electrolysis Cell with Significantly Enhanced Catalysis," published in 2019 in Energy Technologyhas been named one of the top articles of the year by the editorial office of the journal.