Celebration of Excellence 2016

March 30, 2016

On March 29, 2016, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Associate Lab Director Dr. Ramamoorthy Ramesh kicked off the Energy Technology Area’s first Celebration of Excellence highlighting the scientific accomplishments and congratulating ETA staff from BTUS, ESDR, Cyclotron Road, and EAEI.

EAEI Division Director Charles Goldman presented awards for his Division. Among the honorees were Lynn Price and Nan Zhou of the China Energy Group. Lynn and Nan were honored at this event for their leadership of the Reinventing Fire: China study that the China Energy Group has conducted over the past 3 years with Rocky Mountain Institute, the Energy Research Institute of China’s National Development and Reform Commission, and the Energy Foundation China. The analysis of the Reinventing Fire: China study contributed insights for U.S. and Chinese policymakers leading up to the U.S.-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement. This joint project combines the research skills of the U.S. and Chinese team members to envision a pathway for China to economically meet its energy needs and improve its energy security and environmental quality using the maximum feasible share of energy efficiency and renewable supply through 2050.This study was ground-breaking in that it provides a roadmap of how China can realize a clean energy future and substantially reduce its energy-related carbon dioxide emissions with currently-available cost-effective technology.

Lynn Price received a second award for her notable achievement in setting up the Berkeley-Tsinghua Joint Research Center on Energy and Climate Change. This Joint Research Center aims to serve as the world’s leading research center focused on understanding China’s energy, climate change, and development challenges, and collaboratively developing scientifically-based clean energy solutions through impactful research, education and training, and communications and outreach activities. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California-Berkeley’s Berkeley Energy & Climate Institute (BECI) are collaborating with Tsinghua University scientists to address the science, engineering, policy, and education needed to quickly move the world to clean energy solutions. The principal activity of the new Center will be conducting scientific research and analysis on clean energy solutions for China, focusing on areas offering the greatest impact, such as low-carbon cities, carbon markets, and clean energy system planning and integration.