SEMINAR: Validation of EnergyPlus and DOE2 using FLEXLAB®

SEMINAR: Validation of EnergyPlus and DOE2 using FLEXLAB®

Seminar Abstract 

FLEXLAB® has been used to collect measurements for use in validating heating and cooling calculations in energy simulation programs such as EnergyPlus and DOE-2. The seminar will discuss the need for this validation and will describe how FLEXLAB was set up to make these measurements. The results of comparing predictions from EnergyPlus, DOE-2.1e and DOE-2.2 (eQuest) to FLEXLAB measurements made under different conditions will be presented. The tests were restricted to conventional overhead mixing ventilation and, for this configuration, all three programs exhibited similar levels of agreement with FLEXLAB. The seminar will conclude with a discussion of the next steps in simulation program validation in FLEXLAB.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Phil Haves
Affiliate, Simulation Research Group, Building Technology Department, Building Technology & Urban Systems Division

Philip Haves is the retired Leader of the Simulation Research Group. He has worked on different aspects of commercial buildings since 1986, with particular interests in simulation and in building operations. He is a Fellow of ASHRAE, the chair of its Technical Committee on Energy Calculations and a former Chair of its Technical Committee on Building Operation Dynamics. He is the immediate past president of IBPSA-USA, the US affiliate of the International Building Performance Simulation Association. He has a BA in Physics from Oxford University and a PhD in Radio Astronomy from Manchester University.


Jun 22, 2018 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm