SEMINAR: The Sonoma Community Microgrid Initiative

SEMINAR: The Sonoma Community Microgrid Initiative

Seminar Abstract 

The Sonoma Community Microgrid Initiative will build a modern, resilient, and more sustainable local energy system for Sonoma County residents, in response to the recent tragic fires in the area.  Driven from a community master-planning level, this modern energy solution covering an entire substation area will be designed to achieve results in Sonoma County as well as serve as a model across other areas. 

This new approach will focus on four objectives:  1) rebuild the fire-damaged areas; 2) modernize the grid; 3) deploy optimal DER portfolios; and 3) lower ratepayer costs.  This solution will deliver increased clean energy generation, reduce dependency on fossil fuels, incorporate new distributed energy resource technologies such as energy storage (including electric vehicle charging infrastructure), and enable energy to become more abundant, affordable, and sustainable.

 Homes will be designed as safe, healthy, comfortable, durable, and low-cost to operate; they will have optimally efficient envelopes, smart and all-electric systems, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and will be powered by clean energy.  The grid will be designed to achieve the highest performance across both economics and operations, while featuring community-scale resilience, reliability, and sustainability, and with grid modernization technologies that include ongoing backup power provided to critical locations.  

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Matt Renner
Development & Strategic Partnerships Director, Clean Coalition

Matt Renner is Development & Strategic Partnerships Director for the Clean Coalition. He has been working as a nonprofit executive in clean energy, climate policy, and journalism for over a decade, focusing on the near-term social and economic impacts of climate change. With a deep passion for local energy solutions and a vision of the flourishing world they can help create, Matt focuses on sharing the mission and impact of the Clean Coalition with allies and policymakers. Matt received a BA in Political Science & Government from the University of California, Berkeley.

Greg Thomson
Community Microgrid Initiative, Clean Coalition

Greg Thomson is Director of the Community Microgrid Initiative for the Clean Coalition. He is an industry leader with proven success at both startups and large corporations. Greg's leadership on the Community Microgrid Initiative is an innovative approach that proves a modern grid can support much higher levels of cost-effective renewable energy. Under Greg's leadership, this initiative received a New York Prize Community Microgrid grant award while contributing substantially to the California Public Utility Commission ruling to increase utility support for local renewables and other distributed energy resources. Recently Greg was Vice President, Program Development at PATHION. In this role, Greg co-authored two winning California Energy Commission grant proposals. Previously, Greg was the co-founder of an initiative that established a citywide renewable energy program in San Leandro, CA.



Feb 28, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm




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