SEMINAR: Solar Load Balancing Software for Commercial Buildings

SEMINAR: Solar Load Balancing Software for Commercial Buildings

Seminar Abstract 

The Department of Energy has set a high priority on encouraging on-site consumption of distributed solar energy. Maximizing such "self consumption" can provide benefits for the customer, local utilities, and the grid as a whole.

Extensible Energy is developing software to assist building owners and facility managers to manage their electricity costs -- and in the process, to increase self-consumption.  We have recently completed an "alpha" version of this software in the form of a simulation model, which demonstrates that commercial energy customers could see significantly reduced energy and demand charges through better control of flexible building loads.  The software uses sophisticated control algorithms to manage individual "agents" representing building subsystems -- lighting, HVAC, stationary battery, electric vehicle charging stations, and rooftop PV array -- in response to predicted solar insolation and total building load.

The approach we've taken checks a lot of buzzword boxes -- Internet of Things, advanced control theory, machine learning -- but equally important work is down in the details on aligning our approach with the economic interest of commercial electric customers. John Powers and Ari Halberstadt of Extensible Energy will discuss progress to date, plans for next steps in development, and opportunities for collaboration.  

Seminar Speaker(s) 

John Powers
President and CEO, Extensible Energy

John Powers is an energy expert with more than 25 years of industry experience. He has led both consulting and technology firms in energy economics, engineering, and operations. As founder and CEO of Energy Interactive, he led a team that introduced path-breaking Web-based energy information services to electric utilities and their customers. He directed the development of the industry’s most advanced pricing tools, as well as the most extensive library of electric utility rates. Mr. Powers led Energy Interactive to a successful acquisition by ABB, where he served as worldwide Director of Retail Software. Prior to EI and ABB, Mr. Powers was Senior Vice President of Software and Consulting Services at Quantum Consulting (QC). At QC, he directed a team of 75 professionals in economic, statistical, and engineering analysis of customer energy usage patterns for utilities around the world.


Aug 23, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm