SEMINAR: Residential Home Battery Storage, Commercialization Insights

SEMINAR: Residential Home Battery Storage, Commercialization Insights

Seminar Abstract 

Sunrun, a 10 year old solar-as-a-service developer, added Brightbox home solar + storage to their solar product offering in 2016. At launch Sunrun was the first company to enable a PPA offering for home solar for the Hawaii Self-Supply use case and since then has grown into 7 other states/territories, including California and Puerto Rico. Battery storage is becoming an increasing fraction of Sunrun's customer offerings and it is expected over the coming years that solar + storage will become the standard for home sited clean energy offerings. This seminar will cover the rising trend of storage adoption, the functionalities and offerings from Sunrun (indicative of the market), how the technology connects to the home, the use cases for home storage, and Policy and Technical growth drivers for hitting scale.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Chris Moris
Director of Advanced Product, Sunrun
Chris Moris leads the Sunrun Advanced Product team which includes BrightBox energy storage and next generation energy solutions that focus on the intersection of technology, business, and the consumer. The Advanced Product team develops and maintains first-to-market products that add value to the solar proposition through control and optimization of energy assets. Chris has spent the entirety of his career in Solar and has carried various roles from Operations, Software Automation, Engineering/Design, to Product. In the utility/grid space, Chris co-invented a distributed control system and was a Principal on the SolarCity Grid Engineering Solutions team.


Sep 17, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm




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