SEMINAR: Reinventing the DDC for the Information Era

SEMINAR: Reinventing the DDC for the Information Era

Seminar Abstract 

Anka Labs will present AnkaDOS, a core enabling component for Edge Analytic Controllers designed to replace the 30-year old DDC. An innovative software stack made up primarily of open source components, AnkaDOS enables core controller functions in edge devices while providing rich analytics, commissioning automation, Haystack tags, cloud connectivity and the extensibility of an App store.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Arper Üzmezler and Anto Budiardjo
Founder & CTO; Chief Strategist, Anka Labs, Inc.

Alper Üzmezler, Founder & CTO.  Alper Uzmezler has spent over 16 years in the controls industry. He is a successful entrepreneur and technological innovator with multiple patents pending. He founded BASSG in 2004, leading the company into the unique role of DevOps partner to energy management, commissioning and master systems integration firms. He is a developer of multi-protocol pipelines and data visualization, custom UI, and HTML5 block programming tools delivered as unified environment. He is active in open-source projects like Project Haystack and Sedona Framework.

Anto Budiardjo, Chief Strategist.  Anto has spent 30 years in and around the building automation industry, creating the first integration gateway CdC Engine in 1988. He also developed a number of other BAS related products subsequently acquired by TAC (now Schneider), and later organizing leading BAS conferences in the US, Europe and Asia. As a creative entrepreneur, Anto has extensive experience working with product creation, customer development, product positioning, strategic marketing as well as technical functions including product and software development. Anto excels in working with complex multi-stakeholder systems, specifically identifying customer challenges, reducing complexities to expose fundamental and core problems, and envisioning features and value propositions of technology offerings.


Sep 12, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm