SEMINAR: Reference network models for DER integration analysis

SEMINAR: Reference network models for DER integration analysis

Seminar Abstract 

Reference Network Models (RNM) are engineering tools able to build optimal distribution networks taking a number of input data such as geographic characteristics, consumer and generation profiles and a catalog of the different assets (lines, transformers, protection devices, etc.).
RNM are a very useful tool for decision making and analysis in the context of electricity policy. In particular, RNM are able to simulate the integration of different DER (such as roof PV, storage, EV, and demand response) and assess their impact on the network, in terms of new required investments, the impact on energy losses and continuity of supply, or investment deferral. 
The seminar will focus on a brief presentation of RNM and the description of several practical applications on DER integration assessment.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Javier Reneses
Associate Professor, IIT, and LBNL Guest Faculty, Electricity Markets & Policy Group, Institute for Research in Technology, Comillas University, Madrid-Spain

Javier Reneses is Associate Professor at the IIT (Institute for Research in Technology), Comillas University, Madrid-Spain, and a Affiliate to the LBNL in the Electricity Markets and Policy Group. He has headed more than 70 consultancy and research projects, and has participated in more than 100. He has worked and lectured extensively on the operation, planning and regulation of energy systems, being a consultant for governments, international institutions and utilities in many countries. Dr. Reneses has published about 100 papers and book chapters in national and international journals, and conference proceedings. He holds an Electrical Engineering degree (1996), a PhD on Industrial Engineering (2004) and a degree in Mathematics (2005).


Jun 15, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm