SEMINAR: Putting the Response in Agricultural DR

SEMINAR: Putting the Response in Agricultural DR

Seminar Abstract 

A hungry duck waits for its expanding belly to be filled and California’s Central Valley can feed it!  Yet, there is a persistent gap between the shift/shed potential of agricultural and water conveyance pumping load and realized participation in DR programs.  

Polaris Energy Services connects agricultural and water sector energy users with revenue, savings and market opportunities employing its OpenADR-compliant IoT gateway, connected devices and platform that enable operational flexibility and provide valuable monitoring and control capabilities.  With a decade of sector-focused experience, Polaris--and its team at predecessor companies--has enabled the largest share of Automated Demand Response (ADR) projects and of DR megawatts in the ag sector.

As the leader in this underrepresented market, Polaris has identified success factors for engaging agricultural customers in DR and the obstacles and constraints that have limited participation to date.  In addition to providing formal and informal feedback to utilities, regulators and grid operators, Polaris is a CEC Epic grantee for development of new technologies for agricultural loads to participate in renewables integration, RTP programs, and/or new Time of Use rates.  

In this seminar, we will discuss insights from Polaris’ experience in the sector and directions of current research to match technology development with emerging market structures and programs targeting overgen and ramp problems that result from increasing renewables integration on the grid.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

David Meyers
President, Polaris Energy Services

David is President of Polaris Energy Services where he manages business operations and leads Research & Development efforts to create opportunities for and increase ag participation in Demand Response and load shifting.  

David combines technical and business expertise with a track record of commercializing renewable and energy management technologies.  Prior to Polaris, David held leadership roles at Grid4C, Borrego Solar, DC Systems and EnerNOC and as a Principal of MeyersLink, LLC.,  earning a reputation as an evangelist for advanced analytics, distributed generation, energy efficiency and energy technology.

Earlier in his career, David was a management consultant with extensive experience in the global energy, transportation and infrastructure sectors, Professor of Nautical Science, a sea captain, and Navy officer in the Israel Defense Forces.  David holds a MS in Computer Information Systems from Bentley University, a MS in Management from Maine Maritime Academy and is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM).


Aug 22, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm