Seminar: PG&E's Tool Lending Library

Seminar: PG&E's Tool Lending Library

Seminar Abstract 

PG&E’s tool lending library loans energy measurement tools to California ratepayers for energy auditing, commissioning and other building measurement and industrial projects at no cost.  Over its 25-year history, they have provided over 173,000 tools to over 600 unique borrowers in support of a wide range of project types including verification of savings for utility incentive programs, research and development projects and investigations by building operators. Their inventory of more than 5,500 items ranges in complexity from simple data loggers to sophisticated meters for measuring air and liquid flow. True to its original mission, the library staff provides training and technical support to borrowers in the form of application notes, advice on tool selection, one-on-one training in tool use, project-specific advising, and classroom instruction. Search their inventory at to learn more about the measurement tools availableor contact or 415-973-9945.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Mary Lucas McDonald and Francisco Gularte
Pacific Gas & Electric

Mary Lucas McDonald and Francisco Gularte provide technical support to ensure that borrowers are equipped with the most appropriate high quality and well-maintained tools for their energy measurement projects. 

Mary Lucas McDonald brings a broad range of environmental experiences to the team. For over 30 years, she conducted environmental assessments and analyses for numerous large-scale Bay Area projects, including the innovative site cleanup technology program at Naval Air Station Alameda, implemented by the University of California in collaboration with LBNL and Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

Francisco Gularte transitioned to the world of energy efficiency after working in the construction industry. He earned a mechanical engineering degree from San Francisco State University with a minor in electrical engineering.


Feb 25, 2020 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm