SEMINAR: An Overview of Disruptive Technology Combining Power Electronics and Real Time AI Approach

SEMINAR: An Overview of Disruptive Technology Combining Power Electronics and Real Time AI Approach

Seminar Abstract 

Most of today’s approach to energy must rely on a central paradigm that funnels the electrical system’s innovation.  A key limiting factor of this technical and organizational legacy is that centralized large grids can only be orchestrated by a single entity.  Centralization of decisions needed to operate the grid and the obligation to have extensive forward planning limit the capacity to quickly adapt to new technology.  We need to rethink this approach.  Using an integrated hardware, software and algorithm multi-disciplinary approach to innovation, Ossiaco has developed the “next generation” residential energy hub that encompasses the first practical residential fast DC charger, solar inverter, home energy optimizer and API interface for utility or community collaboration all in one device.  This can lead to a rethink of the way we orchestrate energy, a revival of innovation and a truly customer-centric discussion

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Marc-André Forget
P.Eng, CEO, Ossiaco

Marc-André Forget is an Electrical Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in strategy, market design and corporate management within the energy and engineering space.  He is a renowned expert in the area of distributed energy management and among other accolades was selected to speak in front of both the European network of Electrical system Operators in Brussels and at the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul in 2016.  The author of several patents, Mr. Forget has received international awards and has been published in leading scientific publications.  Technologies designed by M. Forget and his team are still used around the world and he has also fulfilled more than 20 strategic mandates for energy and utilities corporations in North America, Europe and Africa.

Daniel Fletcher
BAH, CBDO, Ossiaco

Daniel Fletcher is a serial tech entrepreneur in the domain of energy, having built teams and relationships to open up markets for new technology in California, US North East, Chile and across Canada. Honours degree in Economics from Queen’s University, the thrust of his career has been to advance energy solutions that are less polluting and more economic.  In 2013 Dan co-founded Ossiaco around the belief that distributed energy on behalf of the user could be achieved.  Founder and former CEO of Infinite Island Power Inc. (2010), pioneer in renewable and high-efficiency microgrids.  Was co-founder of Atlantic Hydrogen (exited 2007).  Co-authored 4 successful applications to Sustainable Development Technology Canada.


Feb 11, 2019 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm