SEMINAR: A Large-Scale LED Lamp Life Test

SEMINAR: A Large-Scale LED Lamp Life Test

Seminar Abstract 

While LED lamps are becoming the primary lighting technology promoted in many utility program portfolios, significant uncertainties exist with respect to actual average LED lamp life in real-world applications. To address this knowledge gap, we initiated a large-scale laboratory test of screw-based LED lamps designed to provide the empirical basis for developing adjustments to the useful life assumptions for LED lamps included in California’s investor-owned utility programs. The experimental design used in the test centers on evaluating the impact of the most common stress condition found in typical LED applications – high temperatures (from operating in recessed downlights and enclosed fixtures) and thermal “cycling” (i.e. the heating up and cooling down of LED lamps due to on-off switching patterns). The sample design included over 600 individual lamps, covering over 100 of the highest market-share models of A-lamps, reflectors, globes, and torpedo lamps available in California – including California Quality Specification-compliant lamps, Energy Star-compliant lamps, and non-Energy Star-compliant lamps. 


Our results suggest that real-world LED lamp failure rates may greatly exceed their rated lives.  While the vast majority of the lamps in the experiment have a rated life of 25,000 hours, we observed overall failure rates of approximately 27% after 4,000 hours of operation, with A-lamps in enclosed ceiling fixtures and recessed downlights accounting for the highest failure rates (53% and 48%, respectively). The results from this study provided important information to the regulators, utility program staff, manufacturers, international standards and testing bodies, and lighting researchers on the expected life of LED lamps.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Erik Page
President, Erik Page & Associates
Erik Page & Associates
Erik Page is a recognized leader in the field of energy-efficient lighting with broad expertise across many areas including LEDs, fluorescent and compact fluorescent systems, lighting controls, luminaires, and photometry. Erik spent ten years as a researcher and lab manager in the Lighting Fixtures Laboratory at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory before leaving to help establish the California Lighting Technology Center, where he served as the Director of Engineering for four years. In 2008 Erik established Erik Page and Associates, Inc., a small consulting firm based in Fairfax, CA, providing clients with technically robust support for various projects related to domestic (USA) and international energy efficient lighting projects. He has authored dozens of publications and holds eleven US Patents.


May 2, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm