SEMINAR: India in the Eye of a Perfect Cooling Storm – Can Strong Policies and Technological Innovations Help Achieve “Thermal Comfort for All”

SEMINAR: India in the Eye of a Perfect Cooling Storm – Can Strong Policies and Technological Innovations Help Achieve “Thermal Comfort for All”

Seminar Abstract 

In the whirlwind of an increasing population, rising temperatures, and an aspirational middle class, India finds itself in the eye of a perfect ‘cooling’ storm – all in the milieu of national developmental commitments and international climate change mitigation targets. Multiple studies unanimously predict a significant increase in the penetration of air-conditioning in the next decade or so with major societal and environmental bearings. This leads to a pertinent question: how does one provide thermal comfort to all in a sustainable and affordable manner, and uphold basic standards of human well-being as part of India’s sustainable development goals? Recognizing the urgency to act now – both on the policy and technology front, a drive for sustainable and attainable space cooling in India is a key priority for AEEE, which is synchronous with the Government of India’s National Cooling Action Plan. Through affiliations with knowledge partners, peer organisations and support from wide-ranging organisations (Shakti Foundation, LBNL, GIZ, Natural Resources Defense Council, CEPT University, Council for Energy Environment and Water, to name a few) and Sustainable and Smart Space Cooling Coalition members, and its own deep subject-matter expertise in space cooling, AEEE is leading India’s transition to a sustainably cooled future. The presentation will provide an overview of AEEE’s unique and ground breaking work, performed in partnership with above organisations.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Satish Kumar, Ph.D.
President and Executive Director, Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy

Dr. Satish Kumar is the President and Executive Director of the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy. He was the convener of INSPIRE 2017 – the largest and most influential energy efficiency conference organized in India and has conceptualized and led major initiatives in sustainable cooling and thermal comfort for all, ESCO market transformation and putting the spotlight on India’s states to mainstream energy efficiency. During the last two years, he has led AEEE’s transformation into a leading think tank and business enabling entity. During his tenure, AEEE had served as a senior energy efficiency advisor to Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, NITI Aayog, Energy Efficiency Services Limited, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Bureau of Indian Standards and Department of Science and Technology (DST). Prior to AEEE, he was the Vice President and Energy Efficiency Ambassador at Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd. And a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. In his more than 25 years of professional career, he has co-founded and led India’s premier energy efficiency organisation, AEEE, led USAID-funded bilateral technical assistance programs on building energy efficiency, co-founded, led and served on the boards of many non-profit organizations (e.g. Efficiency Valuation Organization - IPMVP, Global Building Performance Network, and Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy) in the USA, Europe, and India. He has a B. Arch from IIT Roorkee, a Ph.D. in Building Science from Carnegie Mellon University.


Feb 6, 2018 -
1:30pm to 2:30pm




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