SEMINAR: Helux: Adaptive Illumination from the Source

SEMINAR: Helux: Adaptive Illumination from the Source

Seminar Abstract 

Solid state lighting has caused a paradigm shift in the lighting industry. However, the rapid growth of the technology has surpassed our understanding of its effects on human health and productivity, as well as the environment. Developing systems that put light only where it is needed can reduce energy consumption and improve well-being by eliminating glare and wasted light. Full control over where artificial lights shine may also reduce the disruption of natural ecosystems caused by light pollution.

The key technology at Helux is a controllable micromirror that, when combined with state-of-the-art solid state lighting, electronically adjusts light position, brightness, and illumination area. This level of functionality enables user-defined illumination in a low-cost, standard, bulb-sized fixture.

An overview of the technology and goals of the company within the lighting industry and beyond will be discussed. Backed by the efforts of Cyclotron Road, Helux has been awarded a unique opportunity to work on the technology with the help of a program built for propelling hard technology startups. Some of the efforts at Cyclotron Road will be touched on in order to provide more context on the groundwork and relationship between Helux and LBL.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Jessica Morrison
Founder, Helux Lighting

Jessica Morrison is the founder of Helux, a startup currently housed in the Cyclotron Road incubator at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. She began conceptualizing novel micromirror-based lighting architectures while earning a PhD in physics from Boston University. Since graduating in 2016, Jessica continued to work as a postdoctoral researcher in the Lighting Enabled Systems and Applications NSF Engineering Research Center, focused on dynamic free-space optical communications using microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).

Prior to founding Helux in 2016, Jessica received the Boston University Office of Technology Development Ignition Award to begin commercialization of a specially designed micromirror. The technology was featured on the cover of the Boston University College of Engineering Alumni Magazine (BUEng) in the Fall 2015 issue, was selected for presentation at the DOE Solid State Lighting Workshop in 2016, and appeared on the cover of the October 2016 issue of IEEE Control Systems Magazine.


Aug 4, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm