SEMINAR: Heila IQ: A Distributed Control Platform for Microgrids.

SEMINAR: Heila IQ: A Distributed Control Platform for Microgrids.

Seminar Abstract 

The deployment of renewable energy in the form of distributed energy resources is growing at an accelerated rate, but this trend is being partly capped by the grid’s ability to manage them. Microgrids are a critical component of the future electricity system, since by coordinating load, storage, and generation, they can accommodate more renewables and increase the overall system resiliency. Yet, today’s microgrids suffer from technology incompatibility, operational complexity, and design inflexibility, severely limiting their adoption. This presentation will cover how Heila is actively working to overcome these barriers with the deployment of their distributed control platform, the Heila IQ

Heila IQ is a distributed controller that brings intelligence to each controllable asset in a microgrid. It addresses the interoperability challenge by serving as an intermediate layer that homogenizes and standardizes the system, it simplifies the system operation by performing primary control functions and processing data continuously at the local level, and it implements a modular and decentralized optimization suite of techniques that can be used by any energy management system. Details of these features as well as field results from Heila IQ operation in a microgrid in Sonoma, California and in a testing facility in NREL will be presented.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Dr. Jorge Elizondo
Chief Engineer and co-founder of Heila Technologies, Hella Tehnologies


Dr. Jorge Elizondo is the Chief Engineer and co-founder of Heila Technologies, an MIT spin-off dedicated to simplifying the deployment, operation, and optimization of microgrids. Jorge received his PhD from MIT in 2016 where he worked on microgrid stability analysis and control strategies. At MIT, he was heavily involved in the energy community receiving twice the MIT Clean Energy Prize top award, and serving as the co-director of the MIT Energy Conference and as Vice-president of the MIT Energy Club. Prior to MIT, Jorge worked on the development of renewable energy projects in Mexico for five years and received an M.S in Electrical Engineering and a B.S in Physics from Monterrey’s Tech in Mexico.


Jul 13, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm