SEMINAR: CEC ACCO-BEMS Grant Overview: Continuously Optimizing 10 Pomona Campus Buildings

SEMINAR: CEC ACCO-BEMS Grant Overview: Continuously Optimizing 10 Pomona Campus Buildings

Seminar Abstract 

As part of a CEC grant, MelRok LLC in partnership with LBNL, Zero Net Energy Alliance and Pomona College, will demonstrate the automated and continuous cloud-optimization of the building energy management systems (BEMS) at 10 buildings in Pomona College, CA. Michel Kamel, the CTO and co-founder of MelRok, will describe the goals and objectives of the CEC grant as well as introduce the MelRok platform. The MelRok platform provides real time 2-way communication with downstream-the-meter energy resources (loads, storage, generation). The MelRok platform consists of a multi-protocol gateway installed inside the building and a cloud-based distributed database and elastic computing infrastructure. Michel will present the challenges associated with real time communication with BEMS, and discuss the approach being implemented for real time fault detection and optimization of the BEMS. An under-the-hood look at the cloud-based platform and the analytics engines and algorithms needed for the continuous optimization will be presented.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Michel Kamel
Chief Technology Officer, MelRok, LLC

Dr. Michel Kamel is the founder and CTO of MelRok, LLC, a leading developer of real time cloud based energy monitoring and control technologies for tomorrow’s smart grid. He received his Ph.D. from the Mechanical Engineering department at Stanford University. Michel has more than 16 years of executive experience with energy and high technology companies. His expertise and focus is in using real time information and big data analytics to continuously assess, optimize and control building energy systems. He is the author of several research publications and technology patents in aerospace and the emerging fields of cloud-based energy optimization and cybersecurity for cloud-based energy controls. Michel is the leading investigator on a 2016 CEC grant to deploy the world's first fully Automated Cloud-based Continuously Optimizing Building Energy Management System (ACCO BEMS) in 5 buildings, akin to self-driving buildings. He is also the lead investigator in utility projects dealing with secure real time fast cloud-based controls of distributed energy resources (loads, storage and PV). Michel is a member of the Engineering Leadership Council for the Henry Samueli School of Engineering at UC Irvine, and sits on the Board of several high technology companies.


Nov 16, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm