SEMINAR: Building a Billion Dollar Energy Services Market in India

SEMINAR: Building a Billion Dollar Energy Services Market in India

Seminar Abstract 

Energy Efficiency market potential in India is estimated to be over $20 billion. However, according to the latest national ESCO survey carried by AEEE, the actual combined revenues of the Indian ESCOs is not expected to be more than $100 million. This gap is attributed to the lack of access to institutional financing, lack of a strong policy-level push and an inherent mistrust between ESCOs and End users, characteristic of a nascent market. At the same time, EESL’s demand aggregation model for LED lamps has proven to be transformational, winning them kudos in India and around the world. Can this simple model be extended and replicated to create a larger energy services market based on solutions where EESL can use the market making power to become a true Super ESCO and help shape and define the larger ecosystem? 

AEEE has been interacting with ESCOs, Technology Providers, End Users, Financial Institutions and Policy Makers in India to identify ways to transform the ESCO market. An ESCO market assessment project that AEEE is carrying out has brought out better clarity on the challenges of the ESCO market, pointing to the need for an industry-neutral organization to holistically look at and roll out execution methodologies at technological, financing and policy levels.

The ESCO market in India needs actions on both the policy and the business fronts. A triple approach of Awareness Building, Market Enablement and Business Facilitation must be unleashed. AEEE intends to adopt a two-pronged strategy of Business-driven and Technology-driven enablement to create a $0.5 billion ESCO market in the next 3-5 years.

The Business-driven enablement will start with Facilitation activities that include Project assistance on the technological, business and financing fronts. This will lead to Standardization of solutions, eventually maturing into a Certification process that includes accreditation/incubation of ESCOs and ESCO solutions. The Technology-driven enablement will aim to create benchmarks through analytics of energy consumption data and audit reports, which will further enable the creation of a cloud-based benchmarking tool for end users and a report generation tool for auditors, culminating into the creation of a B2B and a B2C marketplace for energy efficiency in India.

AEEE is a Policy Advocacy and an Energy Efficiency Market Enabler with a not-for-profit motive. It is the only organization in India that works on creating awareness about energy efficiency as a resource.


Seminar Speaker(s) 

Satish Kumar
Executive Chair, Ph.D. and LEED Fellow, Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy

Dr. Satish Kumar is the Executive Chair of the Alliance for an Energy Efficient Economy and a Senior Advisor to US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Prior to this, he was the Vice President and Energy Efficiency Ambassador at Schneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd. where he held various leadership positions including being part of the India Management Council. He has a B. Arch from IIT Roorkee, a Ph.D. in Building Science from Carnegie Mellon University and was part of Schneider Electric’s Executive Leadership Program at University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School. He serves as a senior energy efficiency advisor to Niti Aayog, Energy Efficiency Services Limited, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Bureau of Indian Standards, Department of Science and Technology etc. He chairs DST’s Initiative To Promote Habitat Energy Efficiency (I-PHEE) Evaluation Committee and enhancing the capacity of academic and R&D institutes in India.In his 25 years of professional career, he has co-founded and led India’s premier energy efficiency organisation, AEEE, led USAID-funded bilateral technical assistance programs on building energy efficiency, worked as a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, co-founded, led and served on the boards of many non-profit organizations.


May 19, 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm