A New Paradigm for Building Technology Development & Commercialization

A New Paradigm for Building Technology Development & Commercialization

Seminar Abstract 

Bringing energy efficient building technologies to market rapidly is challenging using models that have worked for biotech and IT.  Increasing cross-sector collaboration to match market demand with potential technological solutions helps overcome the traditional obstacles building technology start-ups face, such as incumbent adoption and product/market fit.  By aligning this consortium of academia / government, entrepreneurs, manufacturers, builders and owners, the US public and private sectors can accelerate the adoption of novel building technologies as a critical component of a more competitive and diverse industrial economy.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Nolan Browne
Managing Partner, ADL Ventures -

Nolan Browne is an entrepreneur and commercialization expert who develops first-of-kind programs and products with hybrid teams of technical, business and political professionals.  He is a founding partner of ADL Ventures, a venture consulting company that pioneers novel open innovation models and is a recognized innovation leader in the legacy sector technologies that will enable key aspects of the Smart City, including energy, construction, transportation and utilities.  A five-time founder with 15 years of C-suite experience, Nol serves as a board member of both public and private companies.  He is a repeat speaker at the National Academy of Sciences and TEDx, as well as an expert in sustainable energy, automotive, and innovation management.  Nol holds advanced degrees from MIT and Johns Hopkins University. 

Arthur Yang
Chief Technology Officer, Liatris Inc

Dr. Arthur J. Yang is a leading expert in thermal insulation materials and is the CTO of Liatris Inc. and the President / CEO of ISTN Inc.  At ISTN, Dr. Yang has completed >$20M in federal and state funded research projects.  Previously, he was Head of Insulation Research for Armstrong Insulation (now Armacell), where he won the first major federal grant for “super-insulation” (NIST ATP - $4.5M – 1992).  Dr. Yang also serves as an Adjunct Professor in Chemical Engineering at the University of Maryland – College Park, and was previously a Guest Scientist at NIST.  Dr. Yang has a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Brown University and a B.S. from Fu Jen University in Taiwan.

Tyson Kindstrom
Vice President, Sto Corporation

Tyson Kindstrom is Vice President of Marketing for Sto Corp, the world leader in thermal insulation composite systems, and one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of quality claddings and coatings for buildings.  Sto has >5,300 employees globally and generates >$1 billion in annual revenue.  Tyson has been with Sto for over 10 years, holding various sales and marketing management roles.  Prior to joining Sto, Tyson worked as a Project Manager at Bollig Lath & Plaster.  Tyson has a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and an MBA from DePaul University.

Bob Simmons
Founder, CEO, ConXTech

Robert Simmons is a serial entrepreneur and inventor including Co-Founder and Chief System Architect for ConX, a modular, mass-customizable structural steel framing system.  The ConXtech system leverages digital platforms and state-of-the-art manufacturing including CNC machining and robotics to optimize design through delivery of steel structures into the high density residential, commercial, health care, data center and industrial markets.  Self-employed since the age of 17, Simmons has had a lifelong vision to develop a better way to build.  His hands-on style and eclectic array of experience have earned him a reputation of bringing value through innovation and perseverance. One of his latest ventures, “Modutecture” is committed to bridging the gap between the supply chain and great architecture. Simmons holds 94 patents.


May 16, 2019 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm