ITRI-Rosenfeld Seminar: Spatial Analysis for Water-Energy Systems

ITRI-Rosenfeld Seminar: Spatial Analysis for Water-Energy Systems

Seminar Abstract 

Please join us for a special seminar featuring one of the 2018 ITRI-Rosenfeld Postdoctoral Fellowship candidate finalists.

Climate change, population growth, and rapid urbanization are increasing the stress on the water supply in many areas around the world. These same stressors can increase energy demand. The strong interdependence between the water and energy sectors can exacerbate the water and energy shortages, leading to aggravated climate change impacts. This linkage between water and energy can offer opportunities for synergies between the two sectors that have the potential to lead to efficient management strategies and technological advances while minimizing the shortages of both. Spatial analysis not only provides a framework for assessing the highly localized infrastructure impacts but can also provide insights on optimal infrastructure planning. This talk will outline the challenges for spatial optimization of water infrastructure design and expand to characterize the life-cycle spatial variation of water demands in the energy sector.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Olga Kavvada
Postdoctoral Researcher,

My research interests include systems-level analysis and life-cycle assessment of decentralized infrastructure. Particularly, I am interested in developing planning support tools to improve our usage of energy and water resources under the constraints of climate change. My skills range from geospatial modeling and optimization to modern data analysis and machine learning. My main research area is on integrated planning and systems-level analysis for urban water systems in order to minimize energy and environmental impacts.


Jan 24, 2018 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm