India's Renewable Energy Sector: The Journey So Far and Its Future

India's Renewable Energy Sector: The Journey So Far and Its Future

Seminar Abstract 

India is one of the fastest growing emerging economies in the world. Between 2015 and 2040 or so, it is expected to be largest contributor to the additional global energy consumption. India is also at the forefront of renewable energy development. India's renewable capacity in 2018 was over 75 GW (fifth largest in the world) and is expanding rapidly. India has increased its solar energy capacity by over ten times, from 3 GW in 2014 to 30 GW in 2018 while wind power capacity has nearly doubled, from 19 GW in 2014 to 36 GW in 2018. The Government of India, under the Paris Agreement has committed to increase the renewable energy installed capacity to 175 GW by 2022 and it is well on target for achieving that. With its innovative policy design and reverse auction mechanisms, India has also achieved some of the lowest solar energy prices in the world. In the talk, Mr. Kumar will give an overview of the Indian experience of renewable energy development and lay out the key challenges in the past and the future - including technology choices and policy design. 

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Anand Kumar
Secretary, Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Mr. Anand Kumar has been in the public service in India since 1984. Currently, he is the secretary of the ministry of new and renewable energy (Government of India). He holds an M.Phil with distinction from University of Delhi and MBA with honours from University of Queensland, Australia. During his career he has held many important positions in tourism, energy and infrastructure, industry, biotechnology, finance, revenue, elections and governance sectors under the State and federal governments. In Infrastructure sector, Mr. Kumar scripted first Port Privatisation Policy for the country. He was Founding Managing Director of National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation (NHIDCL). In spare time, Mr. Kumar writes and paints. In his current role, he has done some pioneering work on policy design in the renewable energy sector such as reverse auction, international cooperation for renewable energy through the International Solar Alliance (ISA) etc; he is also leading India's national mission on electric storage.


Feb 27, 2019 -
4:00pm to 5:00pm