Decision making in community energy efficiency through data-driven metrics and visualization

Decision making in community energy efficiency through data-driven metrics and visualization

Seminar Abstract 

Of the 90 US cities who have adopted 100% renewable energy resolutions, the majority are strikingly far from achieving this goal. Concurrently, the immense growth and use of building performance data in recent years has driven research attention towards how such data can enable previously undiscoverable insights and thus positively impact decision making amongst diverse stakeholders to promote energy reductions. However, a gap frequently exists between new analytics methods developed by researchers to address building efficiency challenges and existing engineering techniques that have been practical and reliable for decision makers in the real world for decades.

In this talk, I first present a new approach for building energy benchmarking using smart meter data and Georgia Tech’s campus as the research testbed site. Our approach attempts to combine the scale enabled by top-down statistical techniques and granularity facilitated through smart meter data to support facility managers in identifying specific energy efficiency opportunities across a community-scale of buildings. Next, to enhance the visibility and awareness of campus resource consumption data, I share the development of a community-scale energy feedback system built for the Georgia Tech campus community members. 

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Abigail Francisco
PhD Student, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Georgia Institute of Technology

Abby Francisco is a PhD student and National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow at Georgia Tech. Within the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, she investigates building energy performance across urban environments and works to make stakeholder decision making more informed and effective through advancing uses of building energy data. She also has led the development of several augmented reality applications used to promote occupant engagement and energy education in buildings. Prior to her time as a graduate student, she worked as a Project Engineer at Southface Energy Institute in Atlanta, where she cultivated knowledge in building science and developed a passion for making buildings and communities more sustainable.


Jul 18, 2019 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm