Cooling Cities – Advances in Urban Overheating and Mitigation Research

Cooling Cities – Advances in Urban Overheating and Mitigation Research

Seminar Abstract 

This lecture aims to present and discuss recent research developments in the field of urban overheating, its impact on city life, and the development implementation and performance of advanced heat mitigation studies to counterbalance the impact of increased urban temperatures.

Recent results on the potential synergies between urban overheating and global climate change will be presented. Quantified data from numerous cities on the impact of urban overheating on peak electricity demand, energy consumption, electricity generation capacity, heat related mortality and morbidity, urban pollution and survivability of low income households will be reported as well.

The lecture will present the recent development, testing and performance of advanced photonic and plasmonic materials for daytime radiative cooling, as well as the development of advanced nano fluorescent materials based on quantum dots and the achievements in the field of chromic materials and their combination for heat mitigation purposes. The new knowledge in the field of urban greenery and evaporative mitigation techniques will be discussed as well. The characteristics and the results of recent large scale mitigation projects in Riyadh, Sydney, Dubai, Darwin, Kolkata and Athens will be presented. Finally, the future research priorities on urban mitigation science will be presented and discussed.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Mat Santamouris
Distinguished Professor, Anita Lawrence Chair of High Performance Architecture, IMSW Sydney, Australia

Mat Santamouris is a Scientia, Distinguished, Professor of High Performance Architecture at UNSW, and past Professor in the University of Athens, Greece. Visiting Professor: Cyprus Institute, Metropolitan University London, Tokyo Polytechnic University, Bolzano University, Brunnel University, Seoul University, National University of Singapore, and Universiti Teknologi in Malaysia. Past President of the National Center of Renewable and Energy Savings of Greece. Editor in Chief of the Energy and Buildings Journal, Past Editor in Chief of the Advances Building Energy Research, Associate Editor of the Solar Energy Journal and Member of the Editorial Board of 14 Journals. Editor of the Series of Book on Buildings, published by Earthscan Science Publishers. Editor and author of 20 international books published by Elsevier, etc. Author of 368 scientific articles published in peer review journals. Reviewer of research projects in 29 countries including USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Sweden, etc.  Ranked as the top world researcher in the field of Building and Construction by the Stanford University ranking system, for 2018 and 2019. Highly Cited Researcher in the Clarivate ranking for three continuous years.


Jun 25, 2021 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm