Accelerations & speed bumps on the road to a renewably powered Australia

Accelerations & speed bumps on the road to a renewably powered Australia

Seminar Abstract 

The energy transition has recently taken on a prominent role in Australian public, political, and power systems discourses. This comes as the proportion of energy generated by nonsynchronous technologies exceeds 50% in certain states, and over 20% of roofs nationally are home to solar systems, with this number exceeding 50% in dozens of postcodes. While large scale coordinated investments continue to battle the politically driven policy uncertainty, significant changes are occurring on the ground as the fundamental capabilities and operating models of customers, retailers, networks, and system operators are strained and evolved. This presentation will cover some of the lessons arising from the Australian experience of the energy transition, with case studies from how industry engaged research such as that of our group is helping to enable and shape this.

Seminar Speaker(s) 

Bjorn Sturmberg
Research Leader, Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program, The Australian National University, Camberra, Australia

Dr Bjorn Sturmberg is a Research Leader in the Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program at The Australian National University where he works on analysis, implementations, and policies for the emerging low carbon energy and transport systems. Dr Sturmberg’s background includes a PhD in theoretical physics focused on nanostructures for improving the efficiency of solar cells; implementing Australia’s first solar + storage apartment microgrid; and most recently, leading a startup that makes solar work for rental properties from inception to acquisition. He is passionate about open-source science and science communication. He is the lead developer of multiple software packages that are used by research groups internationally, and is currently writing a children's book on the energy transition.


Jul 31, 2019 -
12:30pm to 1:30pm