Commercial Building Energy Saver (CBES)

Commercial Building Energy Saver (CBES)

CBES is a web-based energy retrofit analysis tool for small-to-medium-sized commercial buildings in California. CBES provides energy benchmarking and three levels of retrofit analysis considering the project goal, data availability, and user experience. CBES offers 80 energy conservation measures (ECMs) for lighting, envelope, plug-in equipment, HVAC, and service hot water retrofit upgrades. CBES uses OpenStudio and EnergyPlus to create and run energy models. The Detailed Retrofit Analysis feature employs advanced automated calibration algorithms to attune inputs prior to simulating energy savings of ECMs. CBES targets a broad audience including building owners, facility managers, energy managers, building operators, energy auditors, designers, engineers and consultants.

Release Date 

Jul 18, 2017