Building Energy Efficiency

Our researchers work with industry leaders to develop building technologies that increase energy efficiency while improving the comfort, health, and safety of building occupants.

Building Energy Efficiency

U.S. buildings use 71% of the nation's electricity, 54% of the nation's natural gas, and emit 40% of the nation's greenhouse gases. For decades, our researchers have pioneered efforts to make buildings more energy efficient, cost-effective, comfortable, and healthy. We work with industry, government, and policymakers on research including commercial and residential design, building occupant behavior, demand-response, and many other areas.

Our building researchers work on:

  • Whole building and system diagnostics to assess and improve efficiency
  • Advanced control systems and sensors to optimize and automate efficiency
  • Windows, daylighting, and lighting system strategies and materials to reduce energy use
  • Cool roofs and pavements to save energy and mitigate summer urban heat islands
  • Energy efficient high-tech buildings (data centers, labs, clean rooms)
  • Simulation models and benchmarking tools to evaluate new methods
  • Demonstrations and deployment of advanced technologies
  • Commercial and residential building systems.

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