Photothermal and Probe-Beam Deflection Spectroscopy

Photothermal and Probe-Beam Deflection Spectroscopy

This analytic technique is based on the illumination of a surface by infrared, visible or ultraviolet light; the generation of a small temperature gradient due to the heat released when the light is absorbed at the surface, and the deflection of a probe beam by the refractive-index gradient that accompanies the local temperature gradient. Here is a schematic diagram that illustrates the deflection principle:

Modern light-beam-position detectors are sensitive to nanoradian deflections of a probe beam, making this technique extremely powerful. It's most important feature, however, is its ability to detect surface species in situ, that is within a bounding liquid. Here is a photograph of an apparatus recently constructed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory:

Schematic diagram of the IRPDS system

It uses an infrared light source (cylinder at the top of the photo), a He-Ne laser as the probe-beam source (lower left), a sensitive detector (lower right), and associated optics and enclosures. Literature references to this work are listed below:

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