Hugo Destaillats: In the media

Hugo Destaillats: In the media


Article on emissions from heated terpenoids present in vaporizable cannabis concentrates, published in Environmental Science & Technology - 2021

LBNL press release

Article on the use of ozone to remediate thirdhand smoke, published in Environmental Research -  2021

LBNL press release

Radio interview on Thirdhand Smoke - March 2020 (in French)

Radio Canada (Quebec)

Radio interview on Indoor Air Quality, Thirdhand Smoke and Vaping - July 2019 (in Spanish)

CNN Radio (Argentina)

Interview on chemical exposures and health effects of vaping - 2019

California Magazine

Article on emissions from heated tobacco products, published in Environmental Science & Technology - 2019

LBNL press release

Feature article on indoor air quality - November 2017

Chemistry World

Our work on electronic cigarettes featured in the media - Jan/Feb 2017

the University of California News

the Vaping Post

Article on electronic cigarette emissions, published in Environmental Science & Technology - July 2016

LBNL press release

Chemical & Engineering News

Science News

Washington Post

San Diego Union Tribune

US News & World Report

Daily Mail (UK)

Irish Times (Ireland)

ABC (Spain)

New Indian Express (India)

Development of accelerated aging method for cool roofing materials - 2015

LBNL press release

R&D100 award

Article on inhalation exposures to thirdhand smoke, published in Environmental Science & Technology - November 2014

LBNL press release

University of California press release


R&D Magazine

BFMTV (France)

Radio Canada (Canada)

De Standaard (Belgium)

California legislates on thirdhand smoke - April 2014

CBS Sacramento

Presentation to the American Chemical Society (ACS) National Meeting - March 2014

ACS press release

Sacramento Bee

Article describing research by the California Consortium on Thirdhand Smoke - 2014

National Geographic

Article on thirdhand smoke, published in Mutagenesis - June 2013

LBNL press release

Huffington Post

Fox News

Daily Mail (UK)

Times of India (India)

Live Science

Nature World News

Cleveland Clinic

Science Daily

Feature article and video on thirdhand smoke - 2012

University of California

Cover article in Environmental Health Perspectives on thirdhand smoke - February 2011

Environmental Health Perspectives (2/1/2011)

Atmospheric Environment article on ozone reactions with nicotine and secondhand smoke - August 2010

LBNL press release (8/16/2010)

 Los Angeles Times

ACS Symposium on indoor chemistry - March 2010

Chemical & Engineering News

Article on carcinogens in thirdhand smoke, published in PNAS - February 2010

LBNL press release (2/8/2010)

Chemical & Engineering News

San Jose Mercury (USA)

BBC News (UK)

Telegraph (UK)

Le Figaro (France)

El Pais (Spain)

Corriere de la Sera (Italy)

Der Spiegel (Germany)

Stern (Germany)

 Indoor ozone and household products - 2006

UC Berkeley Press release