Xiong Peng

Xiong Peng

Chemist Research Scientist/Engineer
(510) 486-7045


Xiong Peng received his B.S in Chemical Engineering from Dalian University of Technology, and earned his Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from University of South Carolina (USC). Currently, Xiong is a postdoctoral fellow in Energy Technologies Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

His current research focuses on system optimization, including materials synthesis, electrode design, transport layers and flow channel engineering for unitized regenerative fuel cells. His other research also investigates advanced electrode fabrication methods at large scale and ultra-low catalyst loadings for membrane based water electrolyzers.

During Xiong's Ph.D, his research focused on synthesizing and characterizing materials for various electrochemical reactions and linking material properties to electrochemical cell performance. Materials were mainly synthesized through solvent/hydro thermal reactions and then physically characterized to obtain bulk phase and surface compositions. Electrochemical measurements were conducted to study adsorption/desorption behavior, surface area, phase transformation and intrinsic activity of materials in electrolytes. In addition, engineering methods were taken to fabricate electrodes, which were eventually incorporated into devices for further testing. He also looked at electrochemical reaction mechanisms and products distribution using isotope-labeling method coupled with analytical tools such as GCMSD and NMR to quantitatively analyze gas/liquid products.


Ph.D, University of South Carolina, 2019