Tae Hwan Lim

Tae Hwan Lim

Energy/Environmental Policy Research Scientist/Engineer


Dr. Tae Hwan Lim is a postdoctoral scholar in the Sustainable Energy and Environmental Systems (SEES) Department in the Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts (EAEI) Division. Lim specializes in energy and carbon management technologies, including negative emissions technologies such as direct air capture (DAC). He studies techno-economic feasibility of emerging strategies and technologies and assesses their potential environmental impacts by building techno-economic and life-cycle models. Lim integrates insights from his systems-level study with experimental work to explore innovative concepts for decarbonization and carbon removal. This includes designing a novel DAC concept that could operate near the thermodynamic energy limits.


Physics, BA, University of California Berkeley, 2009
Astrophysics, BA, University of California Berkeley, 2009
Mechanical Engineering, PhD, University of Michigan, 2022