Patrick Fitzgerald

Patrick Fitzgerald

Senior Research Associate
(510) 486-6615


Fiercely driven to reduce society's carbon footprint, Pat Fitzgerald is dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in one of today's largest CO2 emitters - the industrial sector. This pursuit for Mr. Fitzgerald began at the University of Dayton where, as an undegrad mechanical engineering student, he discovered he could combine his two passions - sustainability and engineering - within the energy efficiency field. While pursuing his Master's Degree in Renewable & Clean Energy, Mr. Fitzgerald became the lead engineer of UD's Industrial Assessment Center wherein he led or participated in over 30 energy audits of small- to mid-sized manufacturers.

After receiving his graduate degree, Pat joined the Industrial Applications Team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a Sr. Research Associate. During his tenure at the lab, he has become the de facto wastewater treatment energy efficiency liaison and is a major contributor to the 50001 Ready Navigator. He has published several energy saving tipsheets for the wastewater treatment sector in addition to developing wastewater-specific features for the 50001 Ready Navigator. Furthermore, he has presented multiple workshops on 50001 Ready to wastewater treatment facilities and has conducted interviews with energy managers at those facilities to garner valuable information on common barriers to energy efficiency adoption. Pat has also been involved in work with the oft-cited Motor Systems Market Assessment report and is working on validating energy savings' "persistence" in Superior Energy Performance-certified facilities.


Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor's of Science, University of Dayton, 2018
Renewable and Clean Energy, Master's of Science, University of Dayton, 2020