Katie Kirbus

Katie Kirbus

Principal Administrator: Energy Analysis & Environmental Impacts Division
Principal Supervisor, Admin Scvs


Katie Kirbus is a Principal Administrator in the Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She provides a broad range of operational management and support services to the EAEI Division and research initiatives.

Previously, Katie worked in a variety of industries including international development, corporate event planning and hospitality.

Katie has a Bachelor of Arts from California State University, Chico. She is also a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.


Spot: Tracee Bosworth, Marie Butson, Azizah Chao, Bonnie Cobiseno, Katie Kirbus, Maya Minamihara -  September 8th 2023

ETA's Property Management Team did an outstanding job in Berkeley Lab's FY23 Wall-to-Wall Inventory, leading to ETA exceeding the goal set out by DOE.

Spot: Rachel Foushee, Erin Harbin, Katie Kirbus -  October 19th 2022

For successfully coordinating funding, logistics and administrative procedures to allow tens of people to attend ACEEE summer study 2022.

Spot: Dana Robson, Katie Kirbus and Kelly Perce -  January 23rd 2017

Exceptional administrative support for the Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division's participation in the Energy Technologies Area Lab Director Area Review.