Julien Mouli-Castillo

Julien Mouli-Castillo



Dr. Julien Mouli-Castillo is an accomplished researcher and academic in the field of geo-energy, with a focus on energy storage modeling and applications. He holds a PhD in Energy Storage Modeling from the University of Edinburgh, where he also completed his Master of Science in Carbon Capture and Storage with Distinction. His academic journey began with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental GeoSciences from University College London.

Dr. Mouli-Castillo's expertise spans a wide range of geo-energy technologies, including CO2 subsurface storage, Compressed Air Energy Storage, Hydrogen Storage, and geothermal energy from mine water. He has a proven track record of working collaboratively with key industry players and has secured funding to address industry challenges. 

He is currently a remote affiliate at LBNL as part of his MSCA Global Postdoctoral Fellowship (funded by the UK Research and Innovation body). During his fellowship he will focus on investigating the synergistic relationships between a variety of subsurface storage technologies.


BSc Environmental Geosciences, UCL, 2012
MSc Carbon Capture and Storage, The University of Edinburgh, 2014
PhD Geology and Geophysics, The University of Edinburgh, 2018