Jeff Deason

Jeff Deason

Program Manager 3
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Jeff Deason is a Program Manager in the Electricity Markets and Policy Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He focuses on energy efficiency research and technical assistance projects in the areas of policy, program design, implementation and evaluation. 

Prior to joining LBNL he spent five years as Principal and Senior Analyst at Climate Policy Initiative, where he led CPI's energy efficiency practice. Jeff led a variety of energy efficiency projects at the state, national, and international levels, ranging from direct policymaker and philanthropic advisory to policy impact analysis to broad knowledge-sharing. Publications covered topics such as U.S. state building energy codes; California's shareholder incentive for utility energy efficiency programs; recommendations for allocating California's Proposition 39 funding for energy efficiency projects in schools; and a case study of an energy performance contracting program in Milan, Italy.
Jeff is in the final stages of his Ph.D. program in public policy at UC Berkeley, where he completed fields in resource economics and behavioral economics. He also completed substantial coursework on econometrics and causal inference. His dissertation chapters cover the impact of U.S. state residential building energy codes on energy usage; the relative loan performance of on-bill and conventional unsecured loan programs in New York State; and a critical appraisal of the economic rationale for energy efficiency financing programs.
Jeff has published in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM) and Utilities Policy (forthcoming), and has presented and written papers for conferences including JPAM, Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change, the International Energy Program Evaluation Conference, and the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy's Summer Study on Buildings.


Spot: Jeff Deason -  April 26th 2016

Outstanding contributions to the preparation and completion of the Electricity End Uses, Energy Efficiency, and Distributed Energy Resources Baseline Report.