Gao Liu

Chemist Staff Scientist/Engineer

Leader, Applied Energy Materials Group

Transportation Initiative

Leader, Liu Lab

Energy Storage & Distributed Resources Division

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94720 USA
Office Location: 070-0111B
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Gao Liu


November 2015

Gao Liu and Hui Zhao (LBNL) and Chuck Consorte (Zeptor)

April 2014

Gao Liu, Vincent Battaglia and Andrew M. Minor, Postdocs: Zhihui Wang, Bin Xiang, Sang-Jae Park, and Lei Wang, colleagues at Argonne National Laboratory

July 2013

Gao Liu, Wanli Yang, Lin-Wang Wang, and Vincent Battaglia and postdoctoral fellows Sang-Jae Park, Mingyan Wu, and Shidi Xun

October 2012

Gao Liu, Shidi Xun, Mingyan Wu, Sang-Jea Park, Wanli Yang, Lin-Wang Wang, Vince Battaglia

September 2011

Gao Liu and Vince Battaglia

July 2008

Gao Liu, H.H. Zheng and Vince Battaglia




Xiang, Bin, Lei Wang, Gao Liu, and Andrew M Minor. "Electromechanical Probing of Li/Li2CO3 Core/Shell Particles in a TEM." Journal of the Electrochemical Society 160.3 (2013) A415-A419.